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Terms & Conditions

Before / After School Care Terms & Conditions:
1. Only enrolled child/ren, whether “regular” or “casual”, will be accepted into care.
2. Parents/ caregivers who wish to use Enjoy Childcare Service must make an enrolment (online via Enjoy Childcare website or hard copy available on site).
3. Enjoy Childcare staff will assume that a child/ren will attend the programme if they have been registered for a regular attendance/ enrolment. 
4. Parents/ Caregivers must sign their child/ren in and out of the programme every day they attend. 
5. The hours for operations are as follows:
A) Before School Care: 7.00 – 8.45 am
B) After School Care: 3.00 – 6.00 pm
6. The parents/ caregivers must inform Enjoy Childcare office (via email or call) before 7.00 am on the day (for Before School Care) and 12.00 on the day (for After School Care) if the child/ren are NOT attending the Before/ After School Care session. If not, a late notice fee of $20 will apply. 
7. Parents/ Caregivers must collect child/ren from the After School Care by 6.00 pm and will advise the Enjoy Childcare staff if someone other than the authorized persons will be collecting the child. Unless arrangements are made or extenuating circumstances apply penalty fees will be charged for late pick-up as follows:
 Between 6.00 pm – 6.15 pm : $ 20
 After 6.15 pm : $ 10 each minute
8. Parents/ Caregivers must keep their contact telephone numbers current.
9. Parents/ Caregivers will be notified in advance of the details of any/ all activities planned outside the school grounds. In this case, parents/ caregiver will be asked to sign a permission slip. 
10. Parents/ Caregivers agree to give consent/ permission for the child/ren using the transportation provided by Enjoy Childcare. 
11. Written consent must be given if their child/ren has permission to walk, bike or catch a bus home. 
12. Any disagreement regarding fees is to be addressed to Management. Unpaid debts will be placed with a debt collection agency or Department of Courts and parents/ caregivers will be liable for collection fees incurred. 
13. Parents/ Caregivers will pay for damage wilfully caused by their children. Parents/ Caregivers understand that their child/ren is responsible for their own property.
14. Photographs of child/ren may be used for genuine resources or publicity.
15. If care is no longer required, one week notice in writing must be given to the Management/ 
I agree to abide by the rules and procedures of Enjoy Childcare (a copy of all current policies/ procedures and Terms & Conditions are held at the centre).
I understand that all staff are police vetted, and have appropriate experience for the job they do and that Enjoy Childcare complies with Health and Safety Policies and the National OSCAR standard. 
However, accidents do happen and I will not hold Enjoy Childcare, its staff or volunteers responsible for genuine mishaps.
Do you agree with the Terms and Conditions?